Special Quote from the Book

Climbing the Rock Within by Jennifer Haig

Special Quote from the Book:

Step by step, I marched, higher and higher up the hill. Questions brewed. Like a magnet, the forest line sucked me closer. Toward the pitch of the woods, weighted in sleepiness, I sensed myself ready to walk into darkness, ’til death would envelop me.

Words swirled inside my head. Angry with God, I demanded my own self-respect, a wish. Stuck in a repeated frenzy, I shook my fist at the top of the mountain, mouthed to myself, “If this is Life, I don’t want it!”

The galaxy glistened at me.

Away from the darkened world, unconscious will turned me around, guided me on to a trail down the forgotten hillside. Once again, the beach became my path. The waves soothed any loss of rhythm. With every unconscious step, distance flew by. Somehow, I made it back through town, on to the private road, past the houses to my doorstep. I awakened; found myself miles from the woods in front of my family’s house.

In the car, I shivered. For my parents, I had passed the true test; their daughter had lost her mind.

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