Excerpt from Chapter 14

Climbing the Rock Within by Jennifer Haig

Excerpt from Chapter 14:

Jean Tones, the wife of Irving Tones, an historian and editor,
accepted more than one book Dad had edited about
Napoleon. One stood out, a coffee table book, with Napoleon
clad in red and gold, gloves in one hand, a map statement on
a table. It brought him future reviews, which said, “Patrick
Smith incorporates the magnificent artwork of the
Napoleonic period along with a detailed profile of Napoleon.
The result is a magical and pure delight to the eye. PS merges
the two memoirs of Meneval (Napoleon’s secretary) and the
other of Constant (Napoleon’s valet) and provides a wonderful
insight into Napoleon’s personality. Instead of a boring
translation of two French diaries there is a vivid account of
Napoleon’s life as emperor of Rome.”

Back around the date of publication, September 30, 1993,
Dad, wrapped in his role as a grandiose editor, refused to
remunerate his well-acknowledged scholar/friend, Mrs.
Tones, any more than a calculated, non-thank-you.

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