Excerpt from Chapter 13

Climbing the Rock Within by Jennifer Haig

Excerpt from Chapter 13:

My parents were away in Cleveland. I was alone at
home, and a letter arrived. It was from the Investigator
of Consumer Affairs Medical Board with a threat to subpoena
my medical records from Dr. Landorem if it was not
responded to in ten working days.

In Cleveland, on their way again to France, in May 1993,
my parents called me at 7:30 A.M to say good-bye. They were
going to New York City to board the Concord jet for the third
time in their lives.

“Dad, you’re a terrible, ugly person.”

Dad pretended not to hear. He knew the Medical Board
letter had arrived, did not mention it. “I helped a crippled
man. It’s written up in the paper, Rose. This man was a friend,
you know.”

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