Excerpt from Chapter 11

Climbing the Rock Within by Jennifer Haig

Excerpt from Chapter 11:

Each day, I walked from home to Dr. Landorem’s office
with a weighted, barely coordinated body; I battled a
lack of self-worth. I had answers, but also, I was lost. My turbulence
released. My home-based hospital was a place to heal.
I can thank my parents for that. In a high-ceilinged living
room a grand piano offered solace. I was the only one ready to
play it. I called Estelle, a family friend, and signed up for
lessons. Every Friday morning, I rode a bus to Golden Gate
Park, went to docent classes at the Asian Art Museum. I was,
in my own way, back in school.

Though I was home, I felt intimidated. My mother did
not help, described me as an embarrassment, “swinging from
the trees.” Monday mornings a heavy-set German masseuse
showed up to relieve my mother of her back pain. The older
woman knew my mother better than I did. I sat, ate my bowl
of cereal. She often approached me, said nothing. One day I
noticed she came a little closer.

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