Excerpt from Chapter 10

Climbing the Rock Within by Jennifer Haig

Excerpt from Chapter 10:

At the beach house with Mom, Dad and I sat unheard,
unhealed. I kidded myself, imagined an ocean’s inner
stance, thought twice. I was no more free-spirited than past
high school weekends when I would sit alone in my room,
watch the ceiling. I had something to talk about then. I had
something now.

I watched my father through a porch door. In a gray
wicker chair he sat, his hand holding a book: The French Revolution.
Head bent low, his glasses rested on his nose. Against
the forested hills, he heard the same sea resonance I did,
maybe the same message. His quiet expression never changed.
Determined to snap our barrier, I approached his reclusive

“Come on the beach with me?”

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