Excerpt from Chapter 8

Climbing the Rock Within by Jennifer Haig

Excerpt from Chapter 8:

Dad, Beth, and I went on a trip to France together. The
first day in Paris, we went to a café bar, Mother
Earth’s, the place where Patrick had worked when he lived
there. It was small, had a well-used bar area, casual indoor
tables, with a few on the street. Once again, as in our high
school past, I thought of him exploring freedoms in ways I had
not. Once again, Rick and his world felt unreachable.

We started to leave, ran into two who knew friends. To
fight the heat, I took a deep breath. Dad, already in celebration,
took us to Joe Allen’s to have a beer. The next day, we
saw some sights, Sarah Bernhardt’s tombstone. The trees were
beautiful, green, the streets cobbled. For a bit, I was inside
Dad’s history-loving mind.

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