Excerpt from Chapter 5

Climbing the Rock Within by Jennifer Haig

Excerpt from Chapter 5:

When we arrived at the school, Mom and Dad met the
other students and helped me set up my room. I
held my mother tight, knew I had made the right decision,
said good-bye.

Though excited, I watched their car pull away and felt a
part of myself go with them. Mostly, I rebelled full-force,
knew I would enjoy the protected environment, my new home
filled with books and friendly female faces.

I enjoyed nighttime in the company of three roommates
in an old section of the converted inn. Across from me was a
longhaired blonde, Cindy. She was not as shy as I was, knew
the ropes of the school, had been there two years already. We
were strangers until I found out she was from Vancouver, B.C.
The name clicked. It was the place of Rick’s former boarding
school. We got along well enough, didn’t quite know how to
make a good conversation, until we shared our poetry and our

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