Excerpt from Chapter 2

Climbing the Rock Within by Jennifer Haig

Excerpt from Chapter 2:

Years before my mental break, Dr. Fred Alsten, a psychiatrist,
suggested my dad get therapy. The idea was not
welcomed. The price we paid for not taking this advice perpetuated
the individual separateness each of us in the family
experienced, and it separated Dad, not only from his children,
but also from himself.

On my father’s birthday one year, Daddy took us all to
North Beach to eat at Enrico Banducci’s Coffee House. The
cream-colored walls there reflected a soft hue. Tall patio
doors opened up, inviting the street noise of Broadway in. It
was evening, but light outside. Ceiling fans slowly turned. I
could not tell which mood I wanted: the flashing lights of Big
Al’s or the composed chatter of a Parisian-like romance.
Daddy spoke of his dislike for the other side of the street, but
still, we were close. Two empty extremes stuck.

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