Climbing the Rock Within

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ISBN: 9781457522796
292 pages

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An affluent narcissistic father denies psychiatric help; his four children, emotionally disconnected, rival one another. Rosetta, the youngest, has a severe fever; her scarred brain tissue causes mild but frequent epileptic seizures: an inexplicable inner world separate from her mother. As an adolescent she is isolated even more when her brother one time mistreats her; confused, she develops a magnified fear of boys, sex and has subtle thoughts of suicide.


About Jennifer Haig

Jennifer Haig was a Theater/Art History major at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, took advantage of their overseas curriculum in Greece and spent a semester in New York City. She did teacher training for an alternative educational program with emphasis in learning history and science through cultural and art, the foundation courses at the San Francisco Art University, and Botanical Art classes.



Nurse Maggie Eloise Martin, chestnut curls uncombed, remembered she was only nineteen. After a long journey from England to San Francisco via the Panama Canal, she put her suitcase down on a mossy pier. The ship’s whistle blew three times, a mere wisp compared to the bombs she had heard for more than a year. Memories pressed her: hospital tents filled with men without limbs, their heads wrapped in gauze, some with blinded eyes.


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